Three Sisters Fudge at the 2013 Emmy Awards:

 'Three Sisters' walk red carpet at 2013 Emmy awards.

A Blue Ridge business family got to walk the red carpet for the 40th annual Daytime Emmy television awards recently while serving the award nominees.

Angelena Powell, her daughters Kristian, Katelyn, and Karlie, along with her husband Anthone and some other family members, took 300 pounds of their famous "Three Sisters" fudgeand gave it away to the nominees and others during several days they spent in Los Angeles.

"It was truly a wonderful experience," Angelena said.  "Everyone was so nice and generous to us.  They especially liked the way we talked, from the cab drivers to the bell boys.  We really felt like celebrities. 

She said the trip came about when Three Sisters Fudge was invited to be part of the red carpet portion of the awards.

"We felt it would bring recognition to Blue Ridge and Fannin County if we went," she said.

To get ready for the trip, Angelena prepared 300 pounds of fudge and shipped it to Los Angeles for the event.

The fudge was waiting for them when they arrived in Los Angeles.  To be ready for the red carpet tour, the fudge was divided into approximately 1,100 quarter pound bags that were handed to the celebrities as they walked by their booth.

She said once the celebrities walked the red carpet, "we got our turn to walk the carpet, and people called us the Georgia girls with the fudge.  It made us feel like celebrities ourselves.

Altogether, the Powells spent four days at the Beverly Hilton Hotel giving out fudge, and visiting with the Daytime Emmy nominees and other celebrities.

"We did the trip to call attention to Blue Ridge and what we have here.  That is what it was all about," she said.

Angelena Powell and her family have been making a large variety of the creamy Three Sisters Fudge in Blue Ridge for 14 years.  For most of those years their store was on the east side of East Main.  The store is now located at 661 East Main on the west side, with an entrance from the railroad side as well.